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From Alella Wine Tours we can offer a wide variety of activities in some of the wineries that form the D.O. Alella. Each of these wineries has a history behind that makes it unique and different from the rest and in addition, each winery works their wine in a special way that makes their wines extraordinary.

Alta Alella - Alella / Tiana

Alta Alella is the culmination of a family project that began more than twenty years ago with Josep Maria Pujol-Busquets and his wife Cristina Guillen, when they acquired the nineteenth-century estate Can Genis, located 2 km from the Mediterranean Sea between the towns of Alella and Tiana. It’s the closest cellar to Barcelona and it’s organic wines are in the menus of some of the best restaurants of the world.

From the beginning, in this modern cellar, the organic agriculture and the respect for the environment and nature have been the basis for making wines and cavas in the DO Alella and DO Cava, with the will for transparency, being a true reflection of the terrain and the vintage.

Alta Alella is opened to the world and has a clear vocation for enoturism. Wine is a part of an area identity, and in this unique wine environment everyone can enjoy a wide range of wine activities.

Can Bouquet - Alella

"Live the tradition, experience innovation"

Under this motto is born Bouquet de Alella, the adventure that the Cerdá brothers undertook in 2010, marked by family tradition.

Playing with the name of the family farm-Can Boquet- and the term bouquet, the French word that designates the aromas of wine, Bouquet de Alella is born to promote the production and sale of quality organic wines and the promotion of Wine experiences with a firm commitment to wine tourism 15 km from Barcelona.

The winery is located inside the beautiful 14th century farmhouse (Can Boquet) located next to the town of Alella and surrounded by vineyards. The tradition of space coexists with the latest technological advances in order to achieve limited production of quality organic wines with a lot of personality.

To elaborate a wine, the grapes are selected manually in the vineyard, the presses are soft taking advantage of only the flower must and the fermentation is done at controlled temperature to get a better vinification.

Parxet - Tiana

Caves Parxet are located in the town of Tiana and belong to the appellation of Origin Alella. In its origins Roman population was namedTitiana (as one of the Cavas of the cave).

In 1920 the Family Suñol launched the development of wine as the "Champagne", but Parxet, which already was being prepared, came from the eighteenth century. The name of Parxet comes from the French: "parchet", which means "small piece of vine" without doubt a name choice for a Appellation of origin based on small vineyards, now scattered among houses and residential areas in the coastal Serralada.

Parxet has around 200 hectares of vineyards divided between the municipalities of Sta. Maria de Martorelles, Montornès del Vallès, SantFost of Campsentelles, Alella and Roca del Vallès. The varieties are planted mainly Pansa Blanca. We also find the Macabeu and Parellada. These are all varieties of medium or long cycle. It has also been successfully introduced the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which are short-cycle varieties. The system driving the vineyard is to espaldera or emparrado.

The winery is located in a valley in the heart of Tiana. The tour begins with the history of the winery and its founders, followed by the development process, from the varieties until bottling. The Mas is also particularly pretty, has a front garden and a tasting room.

Alella Vinícola - Alella

Alella Vinícola is a family winery created in 1906 in the heart of the D.O. Alella, just 15 kilometers from Barcelona. They make about 150,000 bottles of wine a year from among fifteen different varieties of wine.

It is a modernist cellar designed in 1906 by a gentleman of Gaudí: Jeroni Martorell.

Under the brand name of MARFIL the wine has been commercialized internationally.

In 1998 a new stage of investment was carried out, reforming vineyards, creating new wines and moderating the commercialization. 

In this winery, the wines from the Alella DO (white wines of Pansa Blnca and Garnatxa Blanca), which have been completely forgotten (sweet and generous wines) and have innovated and reinvented the territory through radically original wines that were never elaborated in the zone (sparkling wine of high quality with DO Alella).

Quím Batlle - Tiana

In Tiana, at three hundred and eight meters of altitude, our Bodega Joaquim Batlle was born in 1999.

Its location is far from noise, pollution, and has breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and Barcelona, as well as being surrounded by wonderful ecological vineyards.

A cellar buried in the center of a farm, three hectares in size, planted on slopes and terraces of stony terrain, with south-east orientation.

Fruit of the experience, the constancy and the effort that every day we dedicate to the cultivation of the vineyard, the Winery Joaquim Batle offers three well differentiated varieties of white wine, under the denomination of origin Alella, coming from the Ecological Agriculture.

Can Roda - Santa Maria de Martorelles

Surrounded by exceptional vineyards, just 20 minutes from Barcelona, Can Roda is a unique, idyllic, extraordinary and unique setting.

Can Roda is a charming farmhouse, surrounded by vineyards and where you can breathe peace and tranquility.

Since 2010, the Can Roda winery produces wines in the D.O. Alella, north of Barcelona. It has about seven hectares of vineyard of the varieties white currents (the most common in the territory of D.O. de Alella), moscatel, Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah and Grenache

Can Matons - Santa Maria de Martorelles

The Finca-Masía de Can Matons of Santa María de Martorelles is where the secrecy of the process of making wine "Reventós D Alella" is kept.

Finca located in the middle of the mountain and the vineyards. La Masia is an agricultural estate with a lot of history. A space with rooms, utensils and tools that recall the country life of the last century. A large kitchen, a patio with garden .... The current cellar is located next to the Masia. Large and wide spaces, impressive mountains with enormous extensions of vineyards jealously guard this quiet and natural place.

From the vineyards of Santa Maria de Martorelles used to be the famous white wine Marquès d'Alella. The situation and orientation of the vineyards makes the wines are acidic and energetic, belonging to the D.O. Alella. Thanks to the rehabilitation and conversion of the winery, the old Masia de Can Matons has recovered its vineyards, planting new varieties of grapes. In this winery also the Cava Parxet is made.